Start learning Russian nouns and adjectives with Fruits

Another fun way I introduce beginner students to Russian nouns and adjectives is by using
fruits. Most people like fruit, there are many different kinds, they come in many colours and
shapes and grow in different parts of the world.
I use Colour Cards to introduce fruits – each card has a colour picture of a different fruit. I
start with the name of the fruits which have similar names in both languages:

Lemon – лимон                                                      Grapefruit – грейпфрут

Coconut – кокосовый                                          Mango – манго

Kiwi – киви                                                             Banana – банан

I then go on to fruits with very different English and Russian names:

Grapes – виноград                                               Apple – яблоко

Pear – груша                                                         Pineapple – ананас

Strawberry – клубника                                        Raspberry – малина

In parallel with learning new names of the fruits in Russian we learn colours (Цвет):
Red – красный
Yellow – желтый
Green – зеленый
Orange – оранжевый
Brown – коричневый

And simple shapes (Форма):

Circle – круглый
Oval – овальный
Long – длинный

And finally, we learn drinks because they are the easiest words because of many drinks’ names
sound the same in both languages:

Lemonade – лимонад                                          Wine – вино

Compote – компот                                     Others, however, are very different: Juice – сок

Also in this lesson, we learn words such as:
Country – страна
Grow – расти
Tree – дерево
Bush – кустарник
Earth/ground – земля

After introducing all the new words we start with playing the game, which involves each student taking a turn. I set the rules on the board:
1. Tell which country or countries this fruit grows (страна)
2. Describe the colour (Цвет)
3. Describe the shape (Форма)
4. Tell us how it grows – on a tree (дерево), bush (кустарник ) or on the ground (земля)
5. Tell us what kind of drinks or other products we can make from it

I bring a selection of fresh fruits to the lesson, then I put one fruit into a sack so it cannot be
seen. The student whose turn it is sees the fruit but does not show it to the rest of the class.

The student has to describe the fruit according to the rules I have written on the board. After
the student describes the fruit the rest of the class are allowed to guess what fruit it is. I reward
the student who guesses correctly by letting him/her eat the fruit.

At the end of the lesson, I do a test. The students sit around the table, I shuffle the cards and
put them in a deck on the table. Each student, in turn, has to take a card and has to say the
name of the fruit in Russian.

In summary, this simple lesson will achieve the following:

  • Teach learners a selection of Russian nouns (fruits, drinks, others)
  • Teach learners a selection of Russian adjectives (colours, shapes)/ All in a way that is simple to understand and memorable, using familiar words from English).
  • With a clear explanation
  • Encourage and involve each learner playing the game and having fun
  • Rewards each learner for a correct answer
  • With the test at the end so I can monitor each student´s progress and understanding

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