Russian prepositions

In this blog I would like to introduce Russian prepositions.
The preposition is part of the speech and is written separately. Speech can not do without the prepositions – it is impossible to express your thoughts without them.

Prepositions help to make a sentence into related statement filled with certain meaning. If we remove prepositions we just get a stream of words.
A preposition is a word that serves to connect other words in a sentence.  In this article I will tell you about prepositions which indicate location.


Мяч (лежит) НА коробке

Ball ON a box



Часы находятся НА стене

Clock ON a wall

Телевизор находиться СПРАВА от кресла

Television on RIGHT HAND side of armchair




Цветок стоит СЛЕВА от стола

Plant on LEFT HAND side of table

Стул стоит ПЕРЕД столом                                                 Телевизор (стоит) НАПРОТИВ кресла

Chair IN FRONT of a table                                                   Television OPPOSITE an armchair



Цветок стоит МЕЖДУ телевизором и креслом.

Plant BETWEEN television and armchair



This is a brief introduction to prepositions of location in Russian.
Please read my next blog for further prepositions.