Rajecke Teplice Spa in Slovakia

I visited this spa town recently for the first time and made a short video – please see below.

The spa, Aphrodite, is amazing with 6 outdoor and 2 indoor pools and several different kinds of saunas.


Thermal water in Rajecké Teplice is classified as naturally healing, moderately mineralized, hypotonic, hydrogen carbonate calcium-magnesium with a temperature of 38 degrees. It treats musculoskeletal disorders, inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, neuromuscular degenerative diseases and occupational diseases – diseases of bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

Natural conditions and air also help especially in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

The architecture is also beautiful – highly ornamental in a mix of classical/ baroque and other styles.

Nearby, in the middle of the spa, there is a beautiful park with a lake in the middle. There are lots of ducks, swans, fish, and a nice restaurant on an island , accessed by a small footbridge. There are also rowing boats for hire.

There is even a small but very interesting transport museum.

The surroundings are also dramatically beautiful with thickly wooded steep valley sides and hills above, typical of much of Slovakia. Rajecke Teplice is not far from the large town Zilina.

If you would like to visit this amazing spa please contact me for further information and for learning Slovakian.