Piestany, Slovakia’s premier health spa

Last February I took the opportunity to have a stay in Piestany, Slovakia’s premier health spa town, with a promotional package, ‘Piestany Chut’ (Piestany taster) for 8 days and 7 nights. There are always many visitors to Piestany from the Russian speaking world, among many other countries, so with my fluency in Russian I was able to chat to many interesting people and make new friends and acquaintances.

The spa, a complex of several hotels and treatment centres, stretches along an island (Kupelny Ostrov – ‘Spa Island’) in the River Danube on the east side of the town. The atmosphere is calm, relaxing and pleasant, with lots of trees and open spaces and broad walkways outside. Whichever hotel you are booked in you are able to use any of the treatment centres throughout the complex.

There is a wide range of different health and wellbeing treatments. The symbol of the spa and the town is an image of a previously disabled man breaking his crutches after having been cured at the spa, which tells you something about the quality of treatment!

The standard of catering is excellent, with an amazing variety of quality food in the hotel restaurants. The format is mostly self-service buffet, but with some main dishes served by waitresses. The temptation is these situations I always to take and eat far fore than is good for you. All can advise is – don’t! – exercise your willpower and eat sensibly – and drink sensibly and moderately if you have alcohol – I don’t, so that’s not a danger for me!

There is plenty of parking space available if you come by car, but buses also run from the spa, through the small town to the railway station on the other side of the town. The station is on the country’s premier main line from Bratislava to the north and east of the country (please see location map below), and many of the expresses call at Piestany. That’s how I travelled, and as I needed to visit Bratislava (less than an hour away) four times during my 8 day stay, that was most convenient – and train fares in Slovakia are far cheaper than British people could imagine!
Please see below a selection of pictures of some of the many treatments available at Piestany.