Learn Russian vegetable vocabulary

You can also learn in my lessons about Russian vegetables.

Why vegetables?

Firstly, they come up in everyday life and communication; secondly they are important for your
health, and it is a good idea to make them an important part of your diet in Russian speaking
countries – so you need to know what and how to order in shops, cafes, restaurants.

As with fruits I first introduce vegetables with similar names in English and Russian

Celery – сельдерей             Radish – редиска

Olives – оливы              tomatoes – помидоры    cucumbers – огурцы

I then go on to vegetables with very different English and Russian names:


lettuce – салат      cabbage – капуста


carrots – морковь    onion – лук         beetroot – свекла


potatoes – картошка     dill – укроп                coriander – петрушка

Dill and coriander are used in salads for flavour and appearance but also include healthy nutrients.

Other important Vocabulary

waiter – официант
menu – меню
cheese – сыр
cold – холодный
hot – горячий
cut – резать, нарезать
mix – перемешать
shake – встряхнуть
give – дать
order – заказать
serve – сервировать

Make fruit juices in your blender

We can put many vegetables into a blender to create a healthy drink.

I bring my special blender to the class for this task when we learn vegetables.

Love Salad Dressings?

I also bring some simple dressings for great salads.

In this lesson we can use some vocabulary from the previous lesson about fruits – for
example words about colour, shape – as wel as learning new vocabulary:

Nouns: Waiter – официант, menu – меню, cheese – сыр
Adjectives: Cold – холодный, hot – горячий
Verbs: Cut – резать, нарезать, mix – перемешать, shake – встряхнуть, give – дать,
order – заказать, serve – сервировать

Game at the Restaurant


When we have learnt this vocabulary we can play a game with the students in pairs with one
playing the role of a waiter and the other the customer.

This lesson with these activities further helps to expand your vocabulary and lodge it in your
memory. I invite you to my class!

Please read my next post, and I invite you to my Russian classes if you are interested in