Doing business in Russia: UK’s fastest-growing export market

For British business the Russian market, despite the current political problems, is buoyant and holds out great promise for future expansion.
Brexit is likely to give a further impetus to trade with Russian speaking world – not just Russia but other former Soviet republics in the CIS, in which the Russian language and customs continue to predominate.

If you want your company or organisation to develop business in the Russian speaking world I can help by teaching your staff Russian or improving their command of the language. I can also help in other ways – see below.
I have prior experience working in collaboration with companies including the BBC, M&S and Dragon providing Russian language teaching for individuals and small groups within those companies. Equipping teams with industry specific Russian language tools to support everything from successful presentations, negotiations to media work, ultimately providing the client focus and individual support to make that next Russian business trip a success.

Doing Business in Russia

I offer learning and development services to companies who need staff to learn Russian to be able to do business within the Russian speaking world.
I am also available to accompany your staff on business trips if needed, to help interpret business meetings. I understand the Russian culture, traditions, customs and way of thinking and this can be invaluable in securing business.

I know many parts of the Russian speaking world having lived in and visited many parts from the Baltic to Baikal so I can assist your travels with my knowledge and experience. Alongside this I bring the patience, diplomacy and understanding honed over my 40 years teaching career teaching in Russia, Slovakia, England and through postgraduate study in psychology. All these elements equip me to effectively help your company create success in developing business in Russian speaking countries.

If you are interested in learning Russian or you already have a good level and want to improve a bit further, contact me today for Russian classes!