1 to 1 Private Russian Tuition

An individual student is able to learn faster when it comes down to learning a new language like Russian.  1:1 teaching lets the teacher get to know the student fully and keep his/her progress and successfully develop.

Some learners feel the benefit that there are no others in the class and the learner has teacher’s full attention.

There are more opportunities to engage in communication and better understanding of the individual’s needs.

An individual learner can ask questions and gets more practice at language skills.

To make my teaching more interesting I use this special card game of Russian words ” Happy Families” produced by John Langran , who has also written the best books in English for teaching Russian.

For the learner there is a good opportunity to engage in high quality interaction thereby enabling the learner to use all of their brain power in the learning process.

  • I always provide homework for my learners, for example additional writing practice, research, tests etc.
  • When it comes to the time that my individual learner has achieved the required level, I try to place him/her in a small group class (of course, this opportunity has to be discussed beforehand and agreed with the individual learner)
  • Opportunity for teacher to find out where the learner has any development areas and provide additional support and activities to remedy this.
  • Opportunity to ensure that the individual learner never misses any of the course content

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