Bratislava – in the heart of Europe

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The population of the city is about 430.000.
Bratislava is located beside the Danube river, and borders Austria and Hungary.

When you visit Bratislava you will discover dramatic architecture especially in the Old Town. St Michael’s Gate is a great example of Baroque architecture.

There are many museums. The Slovak National Museum is the one example. In that museum you will learn about the history of this country from the Middle Ages up to the present. Next to the railway station, and party on the site of Bratislava’s first station, is an interesting Transport Museum.

The Little Carpathian mountains and Danube lowlands are within easy reach of the city.
Bratislava Castle is a distinctive and prominent feature of the capital. For a century or more it was in ruins, but in recent times has been fully restored.

Another pride of Bratislava  is the Primate’s Palace, one of the best preserved classical buildings in the city. The 2nd floor is open for visitors. This Palace mostly used for Council meetings.

Just 10 km from Bratislava centre there is Devin Castle. This castle located at the junction of the Danube and the Morava rivers. From this castle there are spectacular views across neighbouring Austria.

I can tell you more about Bratislava if you are interested, and can also teach you Slovakian language, as that is my one of my two native languages and Slovakia my native country – if so please contact me.