Best places to visit in Moscow

Foreigners who do not speak Russian experience certain difficulties in communication in the social and domestic sphere.

To start with, they face difficulties in travelling around the city by public transport without a map. They cannot order a taxi, cannot communicate in a shop and explain what they want to buy, they cannot buy medicine in a pharmacy, cannot consult with a doctor.

Therefore, knowledge of Russian at least at the most elementary (basic) level is essential for foreign visitors.

Foreigners who visit Moscow are usually eager to see as many things and places as possible.

The question of where to take a foreigner who comes to Moscow is age-old.

I want to offer you several places that allow you to see the capital from different sides.

To a person who does not speak any Russian, Moscow may seem like a jungle.

So, if you plan to visit Moscow please contact me and during 5 sessions I will equip you with basic knowledge to avoid that bewilderment.