APLGO – health and longevity products

I am a Russian language teacher with more than 40 years of experience. I am passionate about teaching and I love helping others learn. I also have translation and interpretation skills.

On Saturday 25th January 2020 I attended an all-day international forum in Minsk for international health, dietary and beauty products promoted by the research and production company APLGO.

Members of APLGO from many countries attended. The proceedings were in Russian language, and I was asked to interpret for a British attendee – please see short video below.


APLGO started in Russia over 8 years ago and has rapidly grown into a major multinational business with many thousands of members in nearly 60 countries. It operates by network marketing – those who join are required to spend a (not very big) monthly minimum on buying the products, to use themselves or sell on to others, and receive bouses from the company for bringing other people on board.

I have been using some of the products regularly for about 2 years for my health, and I can feel the benefits. I have also attended events hosted by the company in Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany – one of the benefits is the opportunity to travel and enjoy the social side of such events as well as the business side, and meet and make many friends.

If you think this may interest you please follow this link for further information: https://backoffice.aplgo.com/register/?sp=632974